A Personal Note

It’s been about a year since I’ve been working on Girl Bakes World. I fell in love with the concept of marrying my passion for baking with my curiosity for travel… and over the past[…]

Canada: Maple Bacon Cupcakes

In honour of Canada Day, I am sharing my quintessentially Canadian cupcake recipe: Maple Bacon Cupcakes! I first made these back in February as part of my National Cupcake Day fundraiser, and I am still[…]

Ukraine: Syrniki

Now that it’s officially summer… anything goes! But I do have 2 rules I like to live by: 1.)    Enjoy the sun as much as possible!! 2.)    Avoid using the oven, at all costs… So[…]

Japan: Japanese Cheesecake

Man, it’s been a while. It’s like I just packed up my things and left… which, I did!! lol I had an incredible journey across the UK and Ireland! I kinda underestimated how exhausted I’d[…]

How We Won Free Flights to LONDON!

As you’re reading this, I’m in the UK, likely devouring food at this very moment!! Follow me on Instagram (@girlbakesworld) to join in my food adventures; and if you’d like to follow my day to day sightseeing adventures,[…]

Switzerland: Lemon Meringue Pie

When life gives you lemons… you may not always be in the mood for lemonade. So, here’s another recipe that instantly brings a smile to your face, and fills you with yummy happiness! Lemon Meringue[…]

Mexico: Margarita Cupcakes

In honour of Cinco de Mayo, I am sharing my crowd-pleasing boozy Margarita cupcakes! These cupcakes are a tequila lover’s best friend and may actually take the cake in terms of my favourite cupcake (pun intended)![…]

Finland: Finnish Blueberry Pie

You’d think with the internet, we’d be able to Google anything and have the answers right? I mean, you can learn pretty much anything and everything off the internet; it’s a wonderful (and sometimes awful)[…]

Netherlands: Apple Pie

I’m back! I was MIA for a few weeks to figure out life things and focus on other priorities. The bad news is I still feel like I need to prioritize other things right now,[…]